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Veridate Financial

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Veridate provides client onboarding solutions for a variety of financial services participants with COBA, its fully integrated end-to-end digital client onboarding application. The solution offers a step-change in regulatory control and efficiency through workflow re-engineering and digital automation.
COBA, integrates with leading KYC solutions and delivers a single, fully integrated workflow management system to support the end-to-end digital onboarding process. Single operators are easily able to manage the entire life-cycle of client onboarding which is supported by a fully automated audit trail.
Superior Compliance Reports are generated in seconds and ‘break out’ reports such as FATCA/CRS and Investor Risk Reports are tailored to every client.

Hong Kong Island
Hong Kong S.A.R., China
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Peter Hatz
Peter's entrepreneurial spirit and passion for technology shaping the future of financial services has lead him to founder two companies.
Colin Lunn
As CEO, Colin spearheads Veridate Financial’s growth strategy. He is also a specialist in the Hong Kong funds services market.
Hong Kong Island
Hong Kong S.A.R., China
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