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The Ultimate Social Trading App & Investment Network
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SwipeStox is the first mobile social trading application that allows everyone to trade Forex, Indices, and CFDs (we will also offer the possibility to trade physical stocks) simply by copying single trades. Everyone can swipe (Tinder-style swiping) through the trades other experienced traders have created and profit from their knowledge about the markets.

By connecting traders from all over the world in one network, users can see live trades and copy them – rather than relying on fundamental or technical trading decisions alone. As a trader you can either leverage this information to execute own trades or simply follow and copy other traders and their trades.

The “social” aspect of the application is also strengthened by the following features:
- Chat Function: to discuss a single trade and trading decisions.
- Trader Radar: Possibility to meet traders in the geographical proximity.
- Activity Feed: Activity on the platform.
- Connections: Possibility to connect with other traders.
- Leaderboard: Check out the ranking of single traders.

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Benjamin Bilski
Benjamin is a serial entrepreneur, having founded e-commerce and mobile startups. He is passionate about product building and technology.
Yasin Sebastian Qureshi
Founder/Seed Investor/Advisor
Yasin is a banking and finance professional. He is the youngest person in Europe ever to have obtained a banking license.
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Wladimir Huber
Founder/Managing Director
Wladimir has worked several years as a professional trader at an international investment bank and founded an e-commerce startup.