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Simple Finance

Investing made simple
Rang 4 / 10 in Depot

Simple Finance strives to make investing for normal retail clients as simple and transparent as possible. In a currently unique manner, Simple Finance combines a comprehensive overview over existing investments with sophisticated investment advice.

Firstly, our platform enables clients to gain an overview over all their existing investments. This is enabled by an automatic online access to bank accounts and investment accounts at all banks in Germany.

Based on this, our clients receive an analysis of their current portfolio composition as well as performance, risk and costs. As a next step, we are assessing the client's investment preferences and risk appetite based on an online questionnaire, which we use to generate an optimal asset allocation for the specific client's situation as well as recommending suitable investment products (efts).

Different from the so-called robo advisors, we do not sell any products nor administer investment accounts. Instead, we offer an independent platform for financial transparency and investment advice. This enables clients to managed their existing investments in one single place.

Our offer is also relevant for banks and asset managers looking for cooperation partners in order to make investing accessible for new client groups.

Wilhelmstr. 30
80801 München
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Fabian Schwietal
Background as management consultant for banks, business development for insurance companies
Alexander Reimche
Background in IT for financial services companies as well as IT consultant for banks
Wilhelmstr. 30
80801 München
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