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Buy, Sell or Hold?
At sharewise you get the full picture of how a stock is rated. With a look at our fundamental analyses, the analysts' opinions and our crowd consensus you can asses all angles before making your investment decision. And the best part is, that registering by sharewise is completely free of charge!

Thorough fundamental analyses for all stocks
With this new feature, we help you save time and effort while researching and analyzing stocks. We monitor fundamental criteria of most stocks in the world. We then compare these criteria with historical values of the company and other companies from the same industry,region and more. This allows us to come to a conclusion on whether a stock is under- or overvalued based solely on the hard facts and make this information instantly available for you.

Let the community be your guide
By gathering the opinions of our users from all over the world, we are able to show you what the crowd thinks about different stocks. Our members contribute with their opinions and in turn benefit from the results.

Stefan Nothegger
Stefan Nothegger is the founder and managing director of sharewise.
Investment year - 2013