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Sentifi AG

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Sentifi is building the largest online ecosystem of crowd-experts and influencers in global financial markets (Sentifi Crowd) to generate Sentifi Signals, market intelligence that is not available via traditional news media using our proprietary technology Sentifi Engine.

The Sentifi Engine is based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and semantic methodologies, is able to structure Sentifi Signals from millions of unstructured data shared by the Sentifi Crowd. It also identifies, profiles, benchmarks and helps engage financial market participants in the Sentifi Crowd. Members of the Sentifi Crowd, in return, have the unique ability to grow their influence and relevance ranking in specific financial topics (Sentifi Score).

Over 3 million relevant voices of both people and organizations have been identified and ranked. Their contribution to Sentifi Signals is published around the clock in more than 23 leading online financial newspapers and financial platforms in 5 countries.

Sentifi AG is a Swiss company founded in 2012 and has more than 80 highly motivated employees. The Sentifi Technology Hub is based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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Zum Impressum des Anbieters
Anders Bally
Founder and CEO of Sentifi AG
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Zum Impressum des Anbieters