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Powerful FinTech Engine that simply works
Rang 2 / 10 in Sonstige provides a multiproduct ready-to-go FinTech platform for financial institutions, banks, and major merchants, enabling them to decrease the capital expense and to ensure time-saving developing and supporting transaction-related products, without compromising the distinctive quality that we deliver.
A wide variety of сore payment FinTech products can be built using platform, including:
Payment System
Payment Processing
P2P Money Transfer
Gift & Prepaid Cards
Currency Exchange
Card-to-Card payments
Mobile Bank
Internet banking
Loyalty program
and solution for Ecommerce business. platform includes Back-end and third-party integrations. These components are technological core of a product.
Front-end is an appearance of a product. It is based on corporate identity. As usual businesses are developing it by themselves. platform easily integrates with it.

The platform consists of three layers:
The technology layer: the ground are best-in-class technologies: Oracle DB Enterprise Edition, Java Enterprise Edition and Amazon Web Servers or other leaders (IBM BlueMix, MS Azure);
The core layer: set of pre-fab modules. The Transaction’s Engine, Business Logic, User Profile, Actors, Contracts, Products, Payment Gateway, et cetera.
The 3rd-parties tools layer: for specific tools with narrow functionality like ID verifications, Biometrics, Risk Scoring, etc.
Modules of SDK can be configured, customized and easily integrated with third party providers for a particular FinTech product

SDK enables 5-10 times faster product launch and saves as much as 90% of your budget comparing to the current industry standards.

Pavlo Sidelov
Skills and expertise: - Electronic Money and e-payment services - Payment systems and services - Smart Cards, Payment Cards, EMV, NFC