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Strategic Asset Management with the help of robo-advisors
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SAMT AG is an asset management firm, which uses the help of robo-advisors and analytics to make the best decision for investors. It is a Polyreg and is also overlooked by Financial Markets Association. It only charges a very small percentage ranging from 0.1-0.4% when you make a profit on your investment.
It is an independent adviser and hence, makes unbiased decisions. Its scientific approach on portfolio management, removes uncertainties due to human intervention.
At present, it has 3 modules. The first one is related to passive investing and is ETF investment strategy. It uses Modern portfolio theory, in order to maximise returns. The second, strategy is related to investing in alternative assets and third strategy, is related to investment in undervalued stocks which are identified with the help of analytics without human intervention, which helps to generate maximum return

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+41 44 505 1082
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Mirko Ulbrich
Founder, SAMT AG
Contact Fintech /span>
+41 44 505 1082
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