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Qumram marries the requirements of compliance with the needs of marketing.
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Qumram is an award-winning global provider of multi-channel digital recording, e-discovery, and web archival solutions. Many of the world’s leading financial institutions use Qumram to seamlessly record and replay all interactions, via all digital channels to prove compliance, mitigate conduct risk, resolve disputes, aid fraud detection, expose employee governance issues, and improve customer experience.

Qumram provides a complete, transparent digital audit trail for financial services organisations, in accordance with key global regulations (SEC, FINRA, CFPA, MIFID-II and more).
With Qumram, every digital interaction and transaction – web, social and mobile – is seamlessly recorded and can be replayed, at any time. Critical content is automatically detected, and all user sessions are easily retrievable.

Compliance Officers, Risk Professionals and Marketing teams can re-visit any moment in time, or select any individual, and view the precise interactions that occurred, regardless of channel.

Qumram satisfies the regulator, resolves disputes, aids fraud detection and customer service, and enriches customer experience to drive revenue growth.

3 Key Benefits:
1. Ensure Compliance: Qumram ensures that your client, your firm, and you are protected from the costly repercussions of non-compliance and litigation. We record all digital interactions and transactions, in a fully auditable form, providing indisputable proof.

2. Detect and prevent Fraud: Qumram provides complete digital surveillance and employee governance, in support of your firm’s fraud detection and forensic investigation initiatives, enabling you to identify suspicious online behaviour patterns to mitigate risk.

3. Improve Customer Journeys: Qumram enables Marketing teams to create risk-free digital journeys that engage clients and grow revenues, while safeguarding against non-compliance. Furthermore, issues raised via your Customer Service call center can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Mathias Wegmueller
Head of Business Development
A passionate, action-oriented and motivational team leader. Responsible for business development and sales.
Simon Scheurer
Simon is a strategic technology advisor and serial entrepreneur. As CTO he speeds up the development of Qumram in technology and strategy.