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Research online. Purchase offline. Germany's leading ROPO insurance portal.
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passt24 connects 13 million insurance-seeking customers p.a. with the more than 200.000 insurance brokers in Germany.
Two thirds of all insurance customers start their journey on the web. But only approx. 10% buy coverage online. For the overwhelming majority - almost half of the entire insurance market - passt24 is the ideal solution.

Local. Fast. Customer friendly.

We route incoming inquiries anonymized and real-time to connected insurance brokers near the customer. Within 24 hours, we provide the customer with personalized coverage suggestions in his personal customer portal.
This is the most efficient way to get a meaningful overview of prices, products and the corresponding local experts. Well informed, users then initiate contact.
For insurance brokers, passt24 is an easy and very efficient digital sales support.

Founded 2013 in Cologne, passt24 cooperates with leading media houses in Germany. Since 2014, Germany's largest business publishing group, Dieter von Holtzbrinck, is a shareholder in our company.

Pascal Spano
Veteran investment banker with 20y experience in equities, research and taking companies public.
Stephan Heiss
Banking and insurance expertise with Germany's leading institutions.
Dieter von Hotzbrinck Ventures
Investment year - 2014
Dr. Egbert Willam
Business Angel
Investment year - 2015
Investment Stage - Seed or Business Angel