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Regulatory Compliance
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Since the financial crisis many countries have implemented an overwhelming amount of regulation,
affecting financial institutions offering financial services and products within each country. This has led
to unprecedented complexity when on-boarding new clients, which in turn has increased the risk of
being non-compliant, especially within the area of cross-border and global trading in capital markets.
The constant changes and growing complexity of legislation has dramatically increased focus on this
very significant sector, in order to retain and increase profits in a highly competitive market.
muinmos has developed a revolutionary online platform (PASS) that fully validates the regulatory
compliance of each and every potential client of a financial institution across all types of financial
services and instruments, regardless of where the financial institution or potential client resides.
PASS significantly reduces the processing time of on-boarding new clients whilst securing full
regulatory compliance. It creates new business opportunities in a highly competitive market through
regulatory certainty, and is a vehicle for creating a scalable global client base for all financial