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Moven Enterprise

Helping banks drive deep engagement with millions of customers worldwide.
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We are helping banks own their customers’ money experience — from understanding ways to save money to the awareness of where their money is spent. Moven is a bank branded platform that offers money-saving tools. Customers are saving time and money, while banks are developing deeper more trusted customer relationships. We offer a range of experiences to engage more people. A variety of incentives, combined with personal motivators, encourage frequent interactions with the platform. We turn data into actionable insights. Bank-provided and third-party data is translated into consumer-friendly communications. Customers’ unique drivers and interests are learned as they interact with the platform and are used to tailor future communications. This data-in, data-out cycle delivers sustained engagement over time and helps banks better understand their customers.

Brett King
Amazon best-selling author, a well-known industry commentator, a speaker, the host of the BREAKING BANK$ radio show and founder of Moven.
Alex Sion
Over 18 years of experience in business, technology and marketing strategy for financial services firms.
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