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Know Your Customer Limited

Intelligent compliance
Rang 3 / 10 in Sonstige

Know Your Customer provides end-to-end digital solutions that quickly and accurately identify and verify companies and individuals prior to client on-boarding, wherever they are in the world. It offers quick document collection, Digital ID verification and automated anti-money laundering checks in multiple languages and across multiple jurisdictions, automating 90% of compliance teams’ routine tasks.

Our solution helps companies:
• Accelerate the onboarding of new corporate clients from an industry average of 26 days to ONE day;
• Ensure full compliance with the latest anti-money laundering regulations, using only official government sources updated in real time;
• Heal the existing disconnect between companies’ needs and compliance practices, bringing the KYC process into the digital realm;
• Ensure consistency of assessment over time and across borders, eliminating potential disparities in human assessments;
• Automatically identify organisations’ ultimate beneficial owners and instantly build complex corporate ownership structure charts;
• Reduce customer frustration by delivering a fully digital yet completely secure onboarding experience (all solutions integrate with a mobile or browser-based KYC document collection app to perform military-grade checks and ID verification).

Claus Christensen
CEO & Co-Founder
Computer scientist and entrepreneur with more than 30 years' experience in the IT industry.