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Insurance via Chat
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Insurgram offers the mobile generation a new and easier way to receive insurance advice and take out an insurance policy. The users can communicate through existing messengers like Facebook, Twitter but also through an app. It's a mobile-only approach and Insurgram is one of the first companies which bring conversational commerce to the insurance industry.

The users contact Insurgram via their mostly used messenger and an insurance expert helps to find the perfect insurance policy. All possible questions can be asked during the conversation and the customer can actually purchase a policy in the end of the chat. Personal data will be transmitted over a secure mobile checkout page.

The pilot starts in the middle of June, first with insurance products which can easily be completed online.

The Insurgram team has already proved that the concept is working with physical products and that an AI-based chatbot is able to handle most of the requests. With Insurgram the human experts will soon be supported by a chatbot, which will increase the conversations one expert can handle. Insurgrams vision is to become the first contact point for the mobile generation when it comes to insurance products.

Antonia Ermacora
Matthias Nannt