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Business banking reinvented. Simple. Fast. Secure.
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Hufsy is a smart bank account and full-scale financial system for fast-moving companies and freelancers to help you save time and provide you with all the key business metrics of your company.

Hufsy is both a business bank account and a one stop shop where all your financial systems are integrated. This allows you to handle the financial management of your business through one intelligent business bank account while getting normal bank account features such as payments, balance, and a transaction list.

Hufsy comes with an intelligent dashboard overview that shows how your business is doing real-time and gives you the insights you need to make better financial decisions.

Did we mention that Hufsy can be used on both the web and your phone (iOS and Android)? And you’ll get your very own Mastercard for businesses with your new bank account.

Hufsy was founded in late 2015 on the realisation that traditional banking does not correspond with the needs of modern businesses. We’ve come together from a wide variety of backgrounds to build a financial system which does.

As we began our work we came to realise that we were not alone in experiencing this discrepancy. It is currently dawning on a rapidly expanding community of entrepreneurs and small but fast-moving companies.

We have first hand experience in both high level traditional banking and several startups. Based on those experiences we recognise that such a system must seamlessly integrate multiple applications.

It must also provide both ease-of-use and an instant dashboard overview of the key financial metrics of the company.

This is what we’ve now accomplished with Hufsy and the foundation on which we stand as we approach the European SME-market. Our technological platform is unique and future-proof, and our promise to our customers is simple: More business, less banking.

Rafal Lipinski
CEO of Hufsy
Investment year - 2016