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'People to people' insurance. A fairer and more transparent insurer.
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Old insurance is rubbish, use Guevara (it's new, and 100% non-rubbish).

A 'people to people' insurance company. Guevara lets you to be part of a group with other likeminded people, friends or family so you can take control of your insurance and save up to 50% when claims are kept low.

How is this done? Part of your premium is paid into a collective pool made up of your group members. Claims are then paid for out of this pool. Any money left in the pool at the end of the year stays with the group and discounts your insurance next year. If claim costs exceed the amount in pool (either as a build up of lots of claims, or a couple of large ones), then there is additional insurance, paid for by the rest of your premium, to cover these costs so you are always protected.

Our approach to is to take insurance to its roots, combine it with a dose of digital innovation, some common sense, and bring it back to the modern age.

We see it as a fairer way to get the cover that you need, so rather than paying large sums of money every year for insurance and never making a claim, you now keep hold of a portion of your premium for keeping claim costs low.

As well as provide a fairer approach to insurance, we emphasise transparency so you can see how your group is doing, if there has been a claim, how this affects your pool and how much you will save on your renewal. We provide the platform for people to group together, work together and ultimately benefit together.