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Rang 9 / 10 in Zahlungsverkehr

Born in London, shaped in Silicon Valley - GoCardless is on a mission to simplify the payment process, breaking down barriers to create a truly global payments network.

We want all businesses, no matter their size, to be able to take recurring payments with ease.

We chose to focus on improving Direct Debit. It’s a reliable, trusted system used by thousands every day - in fact, 80% of UK consumers use it.

But traditional Direct Debit services are full of problems. So we used technology to solve these and created a modern, streamlined, cloud-based payments system - leveraging Direct Debit at its heart available through the software you use everyday.

We now have over 20,000 UK merchants using our services - and we’re growing fast.

With operations in France, Germany and Spain, we’re confidently on our way to achieving our goal - making global payments invisible!

+49 30 568373022
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+49 30 568373022
Fintech's privacy page