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Finance, made simple.

Fractal is a financial assistant that uses machine intelligence to super power businesses and connect the financial ecosystem.

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have an unmet need for increased efficiency. The majority of SME’s don’t have a financially qualified person on the team. Instead, most companies rely on their accountants or banks for financial management. However, there is a gap between what SME managers need and what banks and accountants provide.

Fractal is a new and innovative platform focused on making financial analysis and communication easier and faster for SMEs and their financial partners.

Fractal connects seamlessly with any online or offline accounting software on the UK market. In addition to visualising financial data, Fractal provides automated interpretation and analysis in a conversational format, that identifies and interprets the underlying drivers of 150+ financial metrics.

Fractal adds real value by helping SMEs and their financial partners save time through simplifying the budget creation process, facilitating analysis and sharing of financial data and tracking KPIs for single or multiple companies.

Nick Heller
Co-Founder and CEO
Angel investors
Investment year - 2015