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finAPI GmbH

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As a company with almost 10 years of experience in the Fintech industry, finAPI offers a standardized API for enabling multibanking and digital account management services, which banks, savings banks and other financial services providers want to make available to their customers.

At our headquarters in Munich, we develop and implement sophisticated solutions for data integration and analysis, based on artificial intelligence technologies, which are provided to our customers via online access (cloud service) or run in-house. Our finAPI REST API platform provides secure access to currently 58 million retail accounts and is used by major international institutions and companies. The collaboration with a certified high-performance data center and reliable support services ensure a safe and high-performance operation. From today's point of view, the requirements for the secured XS2A (Access to Account) can be fulfilled according to PSD2.

We share our extensive experience in the form of various consulting services with our customers and start-up companies in the Fintech sector.

Martin Lacher
Founder and Managing Director
Florian Haagen
Founder and Managing Director