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Smart liquidity for your company
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Facturedo is Latin America's invoice discount marketplace. Through our platform we help companies obtain liquidity from their accounts receivable in a fast, secure and convenient way, while allowing investors to invest in commercial debt.

Currently Latin America´s SMEs face a financing gap of USD 250 billion according to the IFC. This is largely due to risk assessment and underwriting issues (lack of quality information), as well as costly loan fulfillment and collections processes. While this does not cause a problem for large companies, who have the tools and the business size to cover the costs to obtain bank financing, SMEs do not have the same opportunities.

Government initiatives in the region are pushing the implementation and adoption of the electronic invoice in the economy. This will have a big impact on the financing market, where technology will play an increasingly important role.

Facturedo was born in 2015 with the idea of ​disintermediating and adding transparency to the banking and financing industry in Latin America. To date we have more than +1000 users between companies and investors and we have financed more than 2 million dollars

Alvaro Echeverría
Previous experience in the financial industry (Investment Banking in Credit Suisse and Blackstone in London), e­commerce (Linio)
Hector García
IT engineer for more than 18 years experience. Started his career in Starmedia, building Latinmail, the Hotmail of LatAm.