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Omnichannel Digital Banking Platform, Smart Retail Solutions
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ETRONIKA is among TOP100 most disruptive FinTech companies in Europe, creating innovative e-tools for financial and governmental institutions as well as retail all around the world.

We focus on three main areas:
1. BANKTRON is a digital banking solution, enabling financial institutions to become a platform, a partner and a tool, which is closer to user’s every-day life in terms of its exceptional user experience and usability. By merging daily banking features with innovative solutions, BANKTRON provides:

- Optimized time-to-market for financial institution.
- Customer experience which is intuitive and closer to everyday life.
- Effective platform, ensuring customer engagement and satisfaction growth.

BANKTRON seeks to change a cumbersome and overloaded bank perception and encourage banks to become more agile, flexible and user-friendly stage.

2. ETRONIKA RETAIL SOLUTION (ERS) provides complete retail business operations management system to effectively run and boost central office and point-of-sales operations as well as to enable better customer engagement. ERS is designed for smart retailers, who seek to exploit transforming business technologies along with changing consumer’s expectations and habits. ERS focuses on:

- Effective sales management.
- Boosting point-of-sales operations.
- Customer engagement: managing various loyalty programs, on-screen advertisements, etc.

ETRONIKA was the first in the world to demonstrate commercial mobile signature pilot. Testimony platform developed by our team is running mobile electronic signature infrastructure in Lithuania from its inception.

Being a member of NRD Companies, ETRONIKA is a part of those, who lead the way in IT and cybersecurity innovation fields.

This way, we can offer wide-range expertise and consultancies on how to enable digital transformation in a company and take it a step ahead using the most innovative e-tools.

ETRONIKA – Taking You A Step Ahead

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Zum Impressum des Anbieters
Kestutis Gardziulis
Kęstutis is responsible for creating a culture of innovation and encouraging passion for user-centered design within the company.
Jonas Sulcas
Jonas‘ strategic thinking and expertise in identity management and security technologies serve as a catalyst for driving ETRONIKA forward.
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Zum Impressum des Anbieters
Jahr der Investition - 2015