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eCollect AG

Online Collection made simple

eCollect was inspired by technology and the possibilities it opens up to stereotyped sectors such as the financial sector. Our mission is to bring simplicity and innovation to accounts receivable management by creating new technology driven processes and make them adaptable to the challenges of a digitalised, interconnected world.

Instead of struggling with multiple points of contact, manual processes and high costs, organisations can now switch to eCollect as a single partner - from the initial invoice to the final payment. We provide both the technology and the service to create an advanced collection process for our customers.

Service features:

* ´┐╝Data management
* Invoice initiation and distribution
* Dunning
* Installment plans
* Payment management
* Prelegal + legal debt collection

Thimo Seidel
Deep knowledge in the fields of Software Engineering, Prototyping, Project Management, Business Consulting and Business Innovation.
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