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An ACH API for businesses to leverage our powerful bank transfer platform.
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Dwolla provides a simple ACH API for businesses and platforms to leverage our powerful bank transfer platform. Businesses can quickly and seamlessly integrate ACH transfers into their application in order to make payments more efficient and effective. You customize the look and feel of the experience, with Dwolla’s secure infrastructure under the hood.

On June 4, 2015, Dwolla dropped our transaction-based pricing model. Then, in August of that same year, we released the first phase of our White Label product—essentially harnessing the power of Dwolla’s payment infrastructure for payouts in four endpoints, and allowing partners to implement it under their own brand.

Dropping our fee of 25¢ per transaction for transfers over $10 allowed us to focus not on volume, but rather solely on building out our payments software and move to a SaaS-based pricing model. Removing the irritation of per-transaction pricing granted us a new-found freedom. We could freely dive into building out the platform in a way that partners could easily build on top of—providing a seamless customer onboarding and payment experience.

From the beginning, we’ve provided webhooks that allow you to receive and provide real-time updates on customer account and transaction status changes and ACH transfer (to, from, and between members), as well as the ability to leverage “stored value” in a digital wallet-like capacity. Over the past year, we’ve released a plethora of features that can be accessed inside of the White Label API, such as instant account verification, micro-deposit bank verification, on-demand transfers, document upload, and dwolla.js (bank verification in just a few lines of code).

Just recently, we released our first iteration of the Dwolla Dashboard and Admin
—an intuitive interface that brings the powerful data generated by the API front and center, allowing partners (regardless of technical efficiency) to easily keep a pulse on the health of the business.

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Ben Milne
Frustrated at the rate at which credit card fees ate away at profit, Ben set out to build a better payment platform to work for businesses.
United States
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