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Your secure document and password manager with digital inheritance.
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DGLegacy is a digital inheritance and asset protection service through which, in the case of an unforeseen event happening to you, people whom you designate as beneficiaries will be informed about your assets and will be able to identify and locate them, without waiting years in the struggle to find and claim their assets.

Unclaimed assets arereaching unprecedented levels of $100B in the USA and £77B in the UK. These are assets which stay in insurance companies, banks, cryptocurrency wallets, and asset management companies after their owners pass away, instead of reaching the rightful beneficiaries.

DGLegacy enables people in the USA, EU, and globally to connect their chosen beneficiaries with nominated assets so that family members are aware of the assets, can identify and locate them, and can minimize the chance of a missed claim.

It's easy: 1. Catalog your assets in a fully encrypted environment with bank-level security.

2. Designate beneficiaries.

3. The custom-engineered Heartbeat protocol detects unforeseen events happening to you.

4. Upon detection of such an event, the information about the assets is provided to the beneficiaries to whom the assets have been assigned. They are aware of the assets and can identify and locate them.

The service offers additional packages to protect your loved ones and ensure they get the support they need in the process of claiming.

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