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At CRiskCo, we help B2B creditors to evaluate their customers’ credibility
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At CRiskCo, we help B2B creditors (Banks, Credit Providers, Insurance company, or B2B Companies) know their customers’ credit. Currently, creditors do not have a simple tool to know the customer’s risk quickly and easily. With connecting CRiskCo’s solution and by linking directly to the applicants accounting packaging and overlaying our AI Algorithms over the data, credit risk assessment becomes an easier task.

CRiskCo, using machine learning, has created a highly accurate predictive model to detect high-risk companies with a strong possibility of default. With alerts integrated into our platform, creditors will have a much greater power to avoid defaulting customers. From customer ledger, payment and Invoice history, we derived a monthly balance and a variety of other variables such as total sales order and payments amounts, linear trend, and customers maturity. We are using a specific neural network configuration model and various statistical models to find the strongest predictive model for credit default. With our current model, we are not only able to accurately differentiate between default and non-default cases, but we are also able to detect high-risk non-default cases.

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Erez Saf
An excited entrepreneur arriving from the corporate world. He was CIO at, and part of the R&D team in SAP Labs Israel and China.
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+1 (917) 442-5881
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