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[credi2] - Lending as a Service.
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[credi2] develops and operates solutions for banks, financial service providers and trading companies in order to offer their customers modern payment and financing solutions. [credi2] can rely on a proven technology platform that can handle all processes fully automatically: from initial customer contact to the enforcement of outstanding claim. [credi2] cooperates - among others - with Apple, Volkswagen Bank, Deutsche Handelsbank und Raiffeisen Bank International.

One of the best-known products for end customers is cashpresso, a flexible credit line.
cashpresso offers an overdraft that is independent of the classic bank account - of up to EUR 1,500 - directly on the smartphone. Registration is processed completely online and is completed in 10 minutes. The focus is on transparency: there are no running costs or hidden fees at cashpresso. Creating and owning the account is completely free. Interest only accrues on amounts paid out.

The available credit line can be exhausted several times. This means that you do not have to apply for a new loan for every purchase. The repayment is particularly flexible. There are various repayment models between which customers can switch at any time and free of charge.

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Daniel Strieder
CEO & Co-Founder
Michael Handler
CTO & Co-Founder
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Jörg Skornschek
COO & Co-Founder