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Comeco GmbH & Co. KG

Smart finance for everybody
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We are COMECO, a start-up that connects financial service providers, end customers, and other service providers with its open banking platform "TEO".
In this way, we help banks to position themselves against competitors in the shortest possible time with modern interfaces (web and app) and a comprehensive range of cooperation partners that they include.
In contrast to pure white label providers or conventional data centers, we offer our B2B partners the opportunity to use beyond the banking ecosystem cooperations directly and offer them to their customers. By fulfilling the customer's basic need for a “financial overview of my finances” in a central application as a starting point and by creating a large number of potential sales contact points in TEO, we create entry into lifestyle banking.

In summary, we solve the following challenges for the different target groups:
• Banks: opportunities in competition (speed), structures (new business model) and technology
• Service providers/partners: Direct access to end customers in a financial platform “online banking” and opportunities in the ecosystem
• End customers: the finances at a glance and controllable, individual offers with financial advantages and no costs

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