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cashpresso - the first mobile, revolving credit line
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cashpresso offers credit – pure and simple. Signing-up is as easy as it gets - customers need top-of-your-head data only. Name, address and birthday suffice, no account or income statements, no paper copies needed. Our risk check gives customers immediate feedback. Full KYC is done with a simple video call and our contract is signed electronically - all done in 10 min, all online, no media breaks.

cashpresso encourages usage. After sign-up, customers can immediately pay out. We offer a free trial month with no interest charged. We provide an app and web portal, so customers can easily access and use their credit line anytime, anywhere.

cashpresso offers transparency. Our pricing policy is strictly pay as you use, so being a customer comes at no fixed cost. We designed our pricing to be understood easily with no surprises - no fixed or hidden fees. Interest is charged on their open amount only, which the customer can check at all times.

cashpresso offers convenience. Our credit line is revolving, so customers may re-use it as often as they want. No multiple contracts needed, once a customer is signed up. We offer a range of payment plans our customers can choose from and change anytime as they see fit, at no extra cost. For all questions or trouble, our app and web portal come with built-in real-person support.

cashpresso is a brand of Credi2 GmbH. We’re a FinTech start-up founded in 2015 by Daniel Strieder, Michael Handler and Jörg Skornschek. We provide our services to customers with German and Austrian nationalities. We cooperate with Deutsche Handelsbank, a fully licensed German bank and strong partner in eCommerce banking. We’re successfully seed-financed by a range of well-known investors, including VC Fonds Speedinvest, Hansi Hansmann, the founders of Runtastic and Stefan Kalteis, amongst others.

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Daniel Strieder
CEO & Co-Founder
Michael Handler
CTO & Co-Founder
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Jörg Skornschek
COO & Co-Founder