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Cashare AG

Swiss pioneer in P2P lending since 2008
Rang 5 / 10 in P2P

Rely on the pioneers when it comes to Crowd Lending, P2P Lending and Social Lending and
take advantage of the most innovative Crowd Lending platform in Switzerland - fully automated with attractive opportunities for borrowers and investors.
Being the market leader in Switzerland with extensive experience, we can fully support your financing needs.

Company Facts: Cashare was founded in January 2008 as a public limited company under Swiss law, has its registered office in Hünenberg (ZG) and is registered in the commercial register of the Canton Zug. We are an approved financial intermediary pursuant to Art. 2, para. 3 of the Swiss Money Laundering Act and are audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers AG.

As an innovative company in the FinTech area, we are the first and biggest Crowd Lending platform in Switzerland, and thus a pioneer and leader at the same time. We offer an online marketplace for peer-to-peer loans without detours via a bank with attractive options for credit seekers and investors. Always in focus: The safe, uncomplicated and easy financing for private individuals or SMEs. Banks are yesterday - today is Cashare.

Michael Borter
Founding member of Cashare AG and is responsible as Managing Director for Business Development, Marketing and Sales.
Roger Müller
Founding member of Cashare AG and responsible for the areas of IT, infrastructure and Operations.