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Mobile proof of identity with your smartphone
Rang 4 / 10 in Infrastruktur

AUTHADA revolutionises existing identification processes and verifies your customers identity using the electronic identity (eID) of the identity card and the NFC interface of the smartphone. This allows the transmission of your customers identity within seconds, based on sovereign master data.
You can increase your customer base in a short period of time via the mobile, uncomplicated and fast legitimization. For the markets banking, insurance, eGovernment, eHealth and eCommerce additional identities are available online in the Know Your Customer (KYC) area, in line with anti money laundry legislation.
We secure the privacy of your customers in digital business processes by offering a trustworthy digital and universal identity and encrypted transmission via our BSI- certified eID-Core.

Andreas Plies
Andreas Plies is CEO and in charge of Product Development and Innovation.
Jörg Jessen
Jörg Jessen is CEO of AUTHADA. He is in charge of Investor Relations and Business Development as well as Sales and Marketing.
Robin Acker
Robin Acker is in charge of Frontend-Development and Innovation.
Michael Massoth
Scientific Advisor
Prof. Dr. Michael Massoth advices AUTHADA in scientific matters and Research projects
Institutioneller Investor