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Say goodbye to printed receipts and welcome their digital replacement!
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No matter if you are a family father who wants to record his continuous expenses, a business woman who needs to keep proofs of her business trip or just part of the 70% of Germans who share this habit: Collecting and keeping paper receipts gets on everyone’s nerves – not to mention the tons of resources wasted for the production of thermal paper of which receipts are made.

Facing this issue, we created Adiume! Adiume is an easy-to-use cross platform application that takes care of all your receipts. We digitize all the paper receipts you receive right at the point of sale.

So when you are on a shopping trip you instantly receive the receipt data via our free app – and since this is digital you profit from features like warranty reminders, categorization (e.g. tax relevant expenses), expenses analysis, export interfaces and much more. Accordingly, you neither need to scan receipts afterwards nor must you make sure that they stick in your wallet.

As Thilo Wessely (Vice President of Deutsche Börse AG) sums it up:
"This idea will revolutionize the German buying culture!”

Never again must you care about receipts!

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Lennart Schulze
Lennart is one of Adiume's co-founders and the CEO. He is responsible for design and technical development of the application.
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Mahir Arslan
Mahir is one of Adiume's co-founders and the CFO. He is responsible for the finance plan.
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